Phyllis Brings with her a Lifetime of Luxury Sales Experience

We recently sold a luxury property through Phyllis and could not be more thankful for the day we hired her!  Phyllis is a wonderful person, sweet to talk to, hard working, loyal and stands with you through the thick and thin until the last second (many realtors are happy to collect checks while you do the hard work, adding minimal knowledge and value).  Her knowledge in real estate value, staging, appraisal process and closing the deal is unparalleled in Bergen County. She brings with her a lifetime of luxury sales experience and its value cannot be put in words. In our town, ours was the only home that sold this summer in the luxury market and it was due to her knowledge.  She guided us through valuing our property correctly, while many other realtors were grossly off in their assessment. She brought in a staging expert who was priceless and Phyllis worked hard with showings and open houses. When she got an offer, she presented it to us by coming to our house at 11 pm since we had commitments in the evening, which was a testament to her dedication and how she always goes the extra mile for her clients.  However the bulk of her work started after we received an offer but the house would not appraise. She has so much real estate experience in Bergen County that she prepared a rebuttal to the appraisal (has a track record of winning) and did all of this work on her vacation! We got our price! She worked with the town to get our CO to get the deal closed in a timely fashion since we had already moved out of town. She was moving furniture out of our house until the last minute to help us!  Believe me when I say that you get a complete package with her, way more than anyone else in Bergen County! She is a realtor’s realtor and a complete gem! There is so much she did for us even beyond what is listed above, and for all that, we are truly grateful! Thank you Phyllis!

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